The Swedes scaled other favorites, in the finals they hit the Germans

After the Americans, the Swedes were also home to Brazil. Scandinavian heroines are slowly becoming lovers of neutral viewers of the women’s Olympic tournament, however this time they have to rely on penalty kicks. In the second game there was no surprise: the Germans defeated Canada 2: 0 and can build on the Brazilian success of their colleagues…The Duel of Sweden and Brazil even did not mean the mutual encounter of the two teams in the group Home team footballers shot 5: 1.This time, too much fun was not possible when the Swedes fought back with the hard defensive.

Unlike the quarterfinals with the USA this time, neither 120 minutes of the game brought a goal and decided again in the penalty shootout when she reigned Experienced goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl. It was only two kicks and the Brazilians had to worry about the medal on their own ground.

The Swedes tried for the first time in Athens, 12 years ago, but the bronzes stole the Germans who are now scandinavian Rebuilds.Germany has been paying for specialists over the lowest rank of winners, where it settled three times. It will be the first purely European finals of the women’s Olympic tournament, because of the previous dominance of the American, it is logical, but he now I triple the total number of finalists from the old continent. Only in the year 2000 the Swedish neighbors from Norway were pushed into the final, and then, they succeeded.

A brand new experience is not only for outsiders from Sweden but also for Germans. And a special event will be for Saskia Bartusiak, 33, who will celebrate the jubilee one-minute start on Friday night. “As a team, we’re getting stronger.We met a couple of bumps in the group, but we did not believe it and we worked on a few things, “said the captain after the win over Canada.

That the Germans succeeded on Tuesday, it was no surprise For one reason – it was played on the legendary Estádio Mineirão. “We were asked about this before the match, when the men won 7: 1 (in the semifinals of the World Cup against Brazil) and the Olympic selection (10: 0 Against Fiji in the group). We used good karma and followed up on their achievements, “ Bartusiak praises.