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Immediately after his return from Sochi he went to Caroline outdoor cord matches and now instead of heading home for a new gig. “The guy was not home a month, not counting a few hours before the Olympics. The family is Caroline, the wife is pregnant. Still able to bring such a performance. Without him we would win,” said Finnish striker coach Peter DeBoer.

His first goal after the Olympic break, while the fifteenth season scoring Ondrej Palat, top added an assist and helped Tampa get a spot in a duel with Boston after the defeat of 3: 4 after penalty shootout. The shootout had failed Palat, as well as on the other side Davial’m not like the others, it’s simply a victory, “said Maslak, who has a back tattoo of a giant dragon – it wears on a chain around his neck. In 2012 Helsinki became European champion in the open, last year was a big box Continental champion Götebrogu. precious metal from the global event for the first time and now the most valuable. “the medals I like, although I must say that I’ve seen prettier,” pointed out the unusual trophy in the shape of converging runways. Pavel Maslak became a big box champion world 400m. in the finals in Sopot won the great new Czech record of 45. 24 seconds.

From the previous own national . twenty-three Maslák for a medal at the announcement came just shortly after the race. “it was nice, I enjoyed it, just me was awful hot, “smiled now again among journalists.

that won the gold medal for the Czech Republic from HMS over ten years, that he did not know. ” that’s how I’ve never thought about, “he said. the whole day waiting for my race.

But all are startling. He went to breakfast, lay at the computer, went for a walk to the sea. He looked at the beach, had a lunch and again played on the computer. “I’m used to the meetings, I did not mind. The whole time I was fine until the svolavatelně I started thinking about it and I started to get a little nervous,” he said. Pavel Maslak boast of their gold medals from indoor world championships. I’ve seen prettier, said Reuters • And it just slightly toll on his performance. “I really wanted,” I found a reason to plant a little blown.