MS Liberec ratings Nordic Ski

LIBEREC. Organizers applications registered 660 athletes from 62 countries. So many athletes and countries so far to any ski championship would not start. One of the reasons for such extreme interest may also be that the involvement of the MS is a condition for the start of next year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Area one of the best in Central Europe

“But this is certainly only one reason why the World Cup such an interest. Another is for Europeans proximity of Liberec. In addition, ski jumping venue Ještěd has a very good reputation, a lot of jumpers him a board. the walking area in Vesec again attracted attention as a rookie.I believe that this is one of the best resorts in Central Europe, “said the official website of World Cup sporting director Championship Michala Lamplota.

In Liberec, do not miss skiing powers like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Russia. the list of countries, however, figuring even such exotic countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, India or Iran. the greatest expedition will be Russia, which nominated 35 athletes and another 40 members of the executive team. the “medal winners” in this statistical curiosities Italy is second with 34 representatives and bronze position is jointly Norway and Finland with 32 athletes.The largest group of runners jumping

Traditionally the largest group among the participants are runners on skis. In applications figures 262 men from 60 countries, the white trail in the women’s category may represent up to 168 adeptiek gold from 42 expeditions. That’s why the organizers had to MS for the first time include qualifications. On Wednesday before the opening ceremony STRT men who came to the championship with more FIS points as 90,00 and women with more than 120,00 fighting in the area in the last 10 Vesec seat reservations in the main race 15, respectively. 10 km classic technique, which was held on Thursday.Slovak representatives of the qualification does not apply.

Just the qualifications avoid the Katarína Johansen, which is below the limit given for the first time in his career to the latest position when in Liberec will travel with business card 118.87 points. All three men nominated are well below the 90.00 points.

The ski jump complex in Jested will try his luck and skills 103 men and the premiere of the World Cup and 42 women. In Nordic Combined organizers registered application 85 competitors. The favorite will be mainly northerners

In the running track will be favorites are mainly northerners.Among the men would be particularly Norwegians, Swedes, checking might be able to Germans, Italians, home environment will propel forward the Czechs. The position of the male unit is available by Swiss Dario Cologna, but not the winning type. At the head of the order in the World Cup it is mainly due to the stable performance. Nine were able to get into the top ten, won a series of prestigious Tour de Ski. In addition, however, he prevailed in only one race. Among women it could be called a showdown Fínok with the rest of the world. “The rest” is mainly Slovenian Petra Majdičová polka Justyna Kowalczyková and perhaps in any of the sprint Talianok or mink.The springboard sovereign Schlierenzauer

The jumps will wait to see if the current season sovereign Gregor Schlierenzauer from Austria can also further to overcome all your opponents almost difference classes. Austrians are the current World Cup ranking three of the first four partitions, their hegemony disturbs only Swiss Simon Ammann. It is waiting to be similar to the distribution of forces also jested, though “their” will want to say and Norwegians and Finns.

Even in Nordic Combined government Scandinavians. Anssi Koivuranta of Finland with Magnus Moan Norwegians are two steps ahead of the rest “amphibians”.Beware, however, the American Bill Demong which the other two races before the World Cup proved to disable great performance, Frenchman Jason Lamy Chappuis, or a German Björn Kircheisen. Surprise, however, may also further.

A total of Liberec will compete for 20 sets of medals – 12 in a cross-country run, 4 to the ski jumps and also four Nordic combination. The MS in classic skiing disciplines of Liberec

18th February (Wednesday):

Cross Country – Qualifying Race women’s 5 km classic technique (10.00) and men’s 10 km classic technique (11:30)

The opening ceremony of the World Cup (19:30 )

19thFebruary (Thursday):

Cross-country skiing – women’s race the 10 km classic technique (11:30)

Nordic Combined – Road Race – running the 10-kilometer (14.15), jump the bridge MS 100 (17.15)

20th February (Friday):

Ski Jumping – competition women’s bridge HS 100 (10.00)

Cross-country skiing – men’s race the 15 km classic technique (13:00)

ski Jumping – qualification men on the bridge HS 100 (17:00)

21st of February (Saturday):

Cross Country – Women’s Pursuit of 7.5 + 7.5 km classic and free technique mass start (13:00)

Ski Jumping – Men Competition the bridge MS 100 (16.00)

22ndFebruary (Sunday):

Nordic combined – ski jumping part – one jump on the bridge HS 100 (9.45)

Cross Country – Pursuit Men 15 + 15 km classic and free technique mass start (13:00)

Nordic Combined – running part – running the 10-kilometer (15.15)

23rd February (Monday):

Free day

24th February (Tuesday):

Cross Country – sprint freestyle – qualification of men and women (11.00)

Cross Country – sprint freestyle – Finals men and women (13:00)

25thFebruary (Wednesday):

Cross Country – tímšprint classical technique – qualification of men and women (11.00)

Cross Country – tímšprint classical technique – finals for men and women (13:00)

26th February (Thursday):

Nordic combined – team competition – jumping part – one jump on the bridge HS 134 (11.00)

Cross Country – Relay women’s 4×5 km (13:00)

Nordic combined – team competition – running part – relay 4×5 km (15.15)

ski Jumping – qualification men on the bridge HS 134 (17:00)

27 .February (Friday):

Cross Country – Relay men’s 4×10 km (13:00)

Ski Jumping – competition of men on the bridge HS 134 (16.00)

28th of February (Saturday):

Nordic combined – ski jumping part – one jump on the bridge HS 134 (11.00)

Cross-country skiing – women’s race the 30 km freestyle mass start (13:00 )

Nordic Combined – running part – running the 10-kilometer (15.00)

ski Jumping – team competition the men on the bridge HS 134 (16.00)

1 . of March (Sunday):

Cross-country skiing – men’s race the 50 km freestyle mass start (13:00)

The ceremony of the World Cup (16.00)