Kreuziger’s future? I have two teams I like to admit

After arriving at the Tour de France, he set off with the team for dinner, and in the morning he was flying back to Bohemia. “It was a quiet celebration. One had enough already after that three weeks. In addition, we got to dinner at around eleven o’clock, at midnight we broke it and went to sleep, “said Roman Kreuziger after finishing in the 10th most prestigious race. And he hopes to help him find a new engagement.

Do you believe that you have created a good position for this next negotiation?
“It is definitely better than before the Tour when I was just taking a classic to Liège . With tenth place on Tour, the manager will certainly negotiate better.Let’s see what’s coming. “

In the final stage, you were also at the front of the race where you were talking to Vincenz Nibali. Did not you like to be a former Liquigas partner to go to the Bahraini team?
“We were there in front of us because he was leaving at 10:30 pm, and when the others were drinking , He wanted to set at least some tempo to make the plane. (Laughs) We rather talked about the Tour but we did not solve the future. I’m going to have to sit down with the manager until everything gets calmed down. “

Do you have any hints that might be waiting for you?
Three, four paths that are under negotiation, and we will see when we evaluate everything that would be good for my future.”

Which team would you ideally want?
Let’s say that of the four of them I have two teams , Which I really like. But we’ll let it cool down now and see how it develops. It depends on the program I should have, because I’m still thirty and I’m not old. I need some space for the results. “

Would you like a team that would build on you?
” This is probably not an option. I do not want the whole team around, but there are some races where I want to have space. “

You have already advised that you will not go to the Olympics.What is your closest program now?
“I have a criterion in Austria on Wednesday to crack my legs, and on Saturday I have San Sebastian, which matters a lot to me. It’s one of my favorite classics and then we sit down with the sports managers and we decide because the Tour was tough. Let’s see how I feel. Maybe Vuelta will start in four weeks and if I go, I want to be ready for her. We’ll see you in 14 days. “

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