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In 2008, again Štvanice played in 2010, 2011 and 2012. So far, every time the audience had the opportunity to watch the man this year for the first time to welcome the fairer sex. “Thanks to the excellent intermediate results Kolocová pair, Sluková female category was the clear choice,” he said in a press release the president of the organizing committee Robert Urbanek. Clay courts in sand turns during the weekend of 17th and 18th of May. Organizers them navezou 1,500 tons of material Provodín train from the Czech Lipa. Quality and try out amateur players who are there because of the project Volleyball Association and the Amateur volleyball leagues on Sunday, May 25 will play the final tournament of Beach Volleyball Tour. Prague Open will begin on Tuesday qualifications. A day later, start the main competition group matches, Sunday will be on the agenda of the semifinals and finals. Admission to the tournament will zdarma. Kanadský German coach Pat Cortina can not count on stable players famous overseas competition. National team did not reinforce the defenders Christian Ehrhoff and Alexander Sulzer from Buffalo, another quarterback Dennis Seidenberg is injured and his Boston is playing for the Stanley Cup. Forward Marcel Goc plays playoffs with Pittsburgh. Cortina takes to Minsk šestadvacetičlenný cadre from which the last bottleneck fallen defender Nikolai Goc from Mannheim, who was injured, and Daryl Boyle from Augsburg.

Countrywomen are still forvard Felix Schütz from Vladivostok from the KHL and bek Justin Krueger of Bern. Two attackers only eighteen active in overseas junior leagues. Dvaadvacetiletá Hanušová was the best scorer of the season in Brno as Eurolize, as well as the top domestic competition. The team worked for five years and in 2010 helped to a league title last ward coach Jan Bobrovského. Besides the Prague unit also had an offer to work in Montpellier, France. “Abroad, yet I do not. I prefer higher studies. I am aware that I will receive in the new location seems less space to play than in Brno. But it’s a new challenge for me,” said Hanušová. The Thirty Jalčová is a former captain of Kosice, with whom won eight Slovak titles. Brno came before the Ves. In the past, also played in Gdynia and Schie. In the broader nomination Slovak national team before the championship of Europe but chybí. Dvaačtyřicetiletý Jagr goal already on his ninth championship. Last contributed three years ago to gain the bronze medal in Bratislava. This year, however, difficult to get used to after arriving from overseas on the wider rink, in addition plagued him blood clot in his thigh.