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The two rivals moreover, lacked the necessary accuracy. Only in the final quarter of an hour home, sensing that they can get the most out of the game even more than “just” a draw, and for the first time pushed to the sawmill – Schulz after 78 minutes with a header examined Lena, ten minutes later, the visitors’ goalkeeper fabulous surgery ferret great Rudněvse . Head of goal but failed to score Die Roten. More VfB Stuttgart – Eintracht Braunschweig 2: 2 3/8 15:30 Goals: 30. Alexandru Maxim, Martin Harnik 35th – 24th Jan Hochscheidt, 83. Ermin Bicakcic Famous turnover that within ten minutes changed the name of the head of the team, brought to Stuttgart ultimately only point. We must say, however, that the warlike guests really did not deserve to lose when you throughout the game showed more commitment and desire to struggle to maintain among the elite. Filled stadium watched from the first seconds of awkward game full of inaccuracies and unnecessary unsuccessful attempts to penetrate into the match thickened middle. Despite significantly shorter for the ball biting after all just a little more guests and after a quarter of an hour he had after a direct free kick to the far Hochscheidta successful header Bicakcic. Malicious activity so last the whole table to pay for the next few minutes, when the home did not cope with ground center and perfectly served up the ball then had a problem blasted into the network to streamline Hochscheidt. The lion’s share will not be denied by a great touchline Bellarabimu worker, who sent the ball into the box through a threefold outnumbered defenders. But the happy guests swiftly dampened stuck two goals Stuttgart. First Harnik let stand ferocity Maxima that when a successful skipping defender slightly injured, but into the open goal ball directed that in less than four minutes to find just one Harnik, who have exclusive processing obhodil defender and without any hesitation its fluke the rod of seventeen meters froze goalkeeper. After the break, he ran onto the field with the clear intention to quickly cope Braunschweig and 55 minutes to successfully sought centering Hochscheidt Bicakcic, but he headed just over the crossbar. Stuttgart did not race for insurance plans and frustrating game for the opponent, and thus for disinterested spectators, managed almost flawlessly. Perhaps just kick Perthela, who glided along the ground right next to the bar, sparked the visiting ranks of some upheaval. Eventually, however, fairly guests to happiness came seven minutes before the end when a corner kick after a target then one of the attacking players inexplicably fell to the back post where Bicakcic care in the fall of compensation.

The famous Barcelona by the paper had expected with Real Valladolid cope without problems, but the stadium José Zorrilla finally dare to ignominious defeat. Additionally, none of its offensive talent could enroll scored.