FIFA Congress will be a farce, president of football equate to a mob boss

BRATISLAVA. Elections chief of world football for nearly spredvádza traditionally associated with bribery scandal.

Four years ago, the Mohammed bin Hammam tried to buy votes in order to secure election as FIFA president. Members of the Caribbean Football Union offered over 40 thousand dollars for your voice.

After the scandal it forever excluded from football. Sepp Blatter remained in the elections without súpera.Platini wanted to give up

Now sám Blatter facing heavy pressure to resign. After the discovery of other officials who took millions in bribes, he called for European football chief Michel Platini.

“Now it’s too late.Congress will begin in the afternoon – he told me to, “Platini told reporters. Sepp Blatter has refused to resign as FIFA president following a request from UEFA chief Michel Platini. – SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 28, 2015

“But people are already fed up with the president. Have him do not want more, “said Platini.

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