Czech title for Čišovský. Seriously ill spoke central back on stage

BRATISLAVA, Friedberger. From the stage they whipped the flames and the announcer read the names of the main characters. Pilsen footballers are the new champion of the Czech Republic. Midfielder Patrik Hrošovský be wrapped around the waist Slovak flag. All stakeholders would navliekli dark blue T-shirts with the inscription Masters, they smoked a cigar in his mouth and hands had a bottle of champagne. The speakers sounded anthem Winners: We are the champions.

Everyone had to back the red number 28 and above the inscription: Title for the CISA. Link along with a photo of players was the main motive behind the banner under the stage and sounded clear. By title devoted Marián Čišovský, former stopper Pilsen and Slovak national team. Pilsen is a soccer champion.The title was confirmed by a cool win, but he managed to score a goal from the away. Http:// – Lidové noviny sport (@ln_sport) May 18, 2015

Čišovský joined Plzeň on the last match on March 29, 2014, then Kicked off knee injury. These diseases were later added to the disease.

Thirty-five-year-old Čišov went to the podium as the last one – accompanied and with the help of Captain Pavel Horváth and sports director Adolf Šadek. Eleven thousand fans at that moment chanted his name.

“I think I’m a very hard guy. I admit that I was crying. Not because I won the league, but I was very moved from Marián.If I title for which I waited thirty-two years, could be exchanged for the Marián Čišovský was healthy, I would not have done immediately, “said coach Miroslava Koubeka.

Moved Čišovský hid his face in a master caps. Then he pounded the palm towards the heart.

It was a touching moment in which some players or fans intercept tears. Footballers Pilsen won for the third time in club history in the Czech league title. Triumph sealing a victory in Monday’s Dohrávka 28 bikes at home over Vysocina Jihlava 2: 0thFootballers pay Pilsen title Marián Čišovský.

Plzen has two rounds before the end of the head of a six-point lead over defending champion Sparta Prague and a better balance of mutual duels.

Viktoria previously enjoyed by virtue of the Czech top league in 2011 and 2013. In the championship squad coach Miroslava Koubeka figuring the three Slovaks – was Matúš Kozáčik, midfielder Patrik Hrošovský and defender Marián Čišovský.

The goalie Kozáčik has played against Jihlava whole duel, Hrošovský played in 87 minutes. Then he replaced the club on the field icon Plzen Pavel Horváth. Viktoria won the right to fight in the third preliminary round advance to the main competition of the Champions League.Pilsen football players celebrate with the fans gain championship title.

Goals: 38 Hubník, 42 ​​Rajtoral

/ Kozáčik on, Hrošovský to 87 minutes – Kukoľ on, Šulek to 83 min /