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With Pelt we sat down, but Jablonec not buy, says the head of the Dutch club

Adrianus Kruf does not possess Czech citizenship, but my second home wishes. Except the match with the Netherlands, though … “mutual matches with the Czech Republic have seen more, but unfortunately most of them where I was, the Netherlands lost. Maybe he good luck, “he laughs.

First, you have to say, how did it happen that you played with Pierre van Hooijdonk …
“It was the youth in Halsteren. It is a year younger, we knew only from football but also from school. Throughout the summer we had dug, practicing free kicks that made him famous when he won the UEFA Cup with Feyenoord. Even in youth, we then met as rivals, then went to Roosendaal, who advanced to the top league and I stayed in the third league. Then I went to Germany. Two years ago, I met him in Lisbon in the Champions League. We did not have much time, we reminisce on old times. We look a lot differently … (laughs)

You meet you on the field? You Přihrával his goals?
“Yes, it worked it well. I centered and he gave a goal with his head, it was not a mistake. (laughs) I’ve always played the middle of the midfielder until then my coach, who led the Dutch amateur representation, shifted to the right wing because I was fast. Then when I left during the war to Germany, where they had our Air Force base, the first time I started playing in attack. ”

How to develop your career in Germany?
“With the team we base our amateur team played against Bremen and I get together with another guy singled out and we started to train with them. This guy was Arie van Lent, which is then pushed in the Bundesliga (played for Bremen, Mönchengladbach or Eintracht Frankfurt – Ed. Ed.), And now does youth in Mönchengladbach. ”

You believed that in Germany the break through?
“I’ve experienced in the Netherlands, that the differences between the players were great, everyone knew how to dig. In youth I took about three years with Henk Vos, it was unbelievable how he scored. Then he played for Standard Liege, Sochaux and Feyenoord, talent is manifested with him more than with van Hooijdonk. Besides talent, it depends on other factors: if you have a coach in popularity, do you have a name. I paid extra to how they say … good life? ”

Your lifestyle?
“Yes, diet. (laughs) Maybe I did not come without apology to training and when it happened a second time, they said that’s the way it is. Then I played in Germany a fourth league three years I combined with high school football in Osnabrück, until I ended up in some twenty-three. I then started up again in thirty-seven in Černolice, it is a paradox. “(Laughs)

When you return to the Netherlands, you ask people often on Czech football?
“Actually, Netherlands Visit sporadically, only a few times a year. But the closest friends from high school course quiz, football is all interests. None of them knew Jablonec, but when we played in the European league, Ajax, I invited them and they watched as we were a match for him. Otherwise, how can I go to look at PSV Eindhoven, whose fan since I was seven years old. The local management already knows about us, asking questions, he reads them, Mr. Pelt. I can feel them interested in Czech football is still with us a good reputation. In the Netherlands played a lot of good players, whether before Pepa Chovanec, Galásek, Grygera or later Kalas, now there is Václav Černý. Eindhoven had an extra interest Pavel Nedved, but unfortunately it did not happen, he went to Italy. It is our great idol. ”

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Red after Spengler: Referee whistle all here, not like us

You have defeated the Russian cities of Yekaterinburg, lost to Lugano and Canada. You say goodbye to your head held high?
“I think yes. Although we lost the Canadian high except for Spengler Cup we left a good impression. As we are on the ice, so our fans in the stands. I hope that next year again invited and we will do even a better job than this year. It’s great here, everyone would like to play a tournament. Full stadium, all around the same smiles, the party at the stadium, mountains, great cast of teams … Wow. The level of the game is close matches representation. I believe that the local tempo can also transfer to Extraliga. And until the new year, we will compete at home with Liberec that we will not have to substitute. ”

Now, to match with Canada. This indicates that the 1: 5 for the difference in strength of both teams, or not?
“Canada has a great team here. Result emerged from the first period, when we are just vlítli, we played a lot of weakness in which they twice struck. We suddenly had to push harder to finish, opening the game, trying to renumber. This resulted in errors in defense and then another goal in our network. ”

Canada played a third game in four days, you duel the third in three days. It’s the beginning of the game influence?
“Especially in the first period. They flew into it, we had a disqualification. Nothing we did not give up, second and third period, we filed a pretty good performance but lacked the goal. Play with Canada twenty minutes is not weakening, it can not win. The chances of another score but we have had. ”

In what was a major force in Canada?
“They are straight, are emphatic, pushing the goal, everything just shooting at the goal, that was the main difference.”

On the ice were also emotions, especially after a foul unpunished high stick on you, after which you bled from the mouth …
“Judge not exactly přehlídnul, but otherwise I think the whistle well. But the trend is there other than us. Here Judges assess each intervention as a foul poles, it is not easy to adapt to the snap of the fingers on another meter. We can take from that lesson home that will not stick at all to use and hopefully we’ll play less weakening in Extraliga and we will see thanks to better results. ”

Federer: Tennis for a great year. And my form? Opponents do not know what will come

Roger Federer in an interview with The New York Times started talking not only about his return to tennis, but also a wide range of other topics.

On the courts to sixteen-fold Grand Slam champion will have to Hopmanově Cup, which begins on January 1st traditionally in Perth, Australia. Then head to the Australian Open. “Even the kids asked me when I get back on the court. I love traveling, enjoying that we go again. I will, of course, can not wait. I am looking forward to the big games, the fans, the atmosphere,” admitted Federer.

Thirty-five tennis legend, however, does not regret the break. “I tried to be as a family. This time you have children, you had never replace it. It was a great time. Never on this year’s forget for me was extraordinary, I remember every day spent with family. I have no regrets. The only what I regret is that I lost the Olympics in Rio, I’ve never been there, games have been one of my most important goals. ”

Swiss during his longest career breaks fell to sixteenth place, tennis events but honestly watched. “I did not want to miss. The results I was looking online and duel Murray and Djokovic of world number one was phenomenal, Wawrinkovo ​​victory at the US Open as well. The more I can not wait to return,” continues Roger.

Murray as leader? It suprised me

“To be honest, that Novak lost the world number one for me is a big surprise. When I saw him in the first half of the year, I did not think would emerge a player that could endanger him. Moreover, Djokovic or in the second half did not play badly. he won in Toronto, played the final of the US Open, the tournament champions. And like him was not enough. what we showed Andy was in fact excellent. I must bow before him, “says the native of Basel.

And his opponents sends a clear warning. “I’m rested, fresh and above all very hungry for further successes. Besides, I have the most important thing is support from his wife Mirka and the children. And if you think about the end of my career? Not a chance. If I can play tennis at the highest level, decisively ending the’m not going, “assures the Swiss fans.

As the new season winner of 88 tournaments pleased confirmed his next words. “It will be a great year. Andy Murray is excellent, the same Djokovic, Nadal will go up again, and I hope also. It turns out that already at the Australian Open,” Federer doubts.
In an interview with the father of four children he started talking as well as his injury and the treatment that followed. “The first three months I practiced an hour a day. Only then I started to work more on the physical part. It was difficult, I expected that treatment will go faster. One day it was better, then turn worse, but I gradually recovering. I would say, I’m at 90% right, “says the tennis record holder.

Kyrgios has huge potential

A big part of training him since October, when he started his training on the court, did the sparring partner of twenty-two Frenchman Lucas Pouille, who belongs to the ranking fifteenth place, and who is considered one of the greatest tennis hope.

That is not even thirteen World Nick Kygrigos. “I’m a fan of young players, and Nick is an excellent tennis player and a great showman. He has tremendous potential to be a star, but it depends on how it compares in my head, and if it is willing to work hard. If so, it may be true superstar. But there are as well as other Zverev, Raonic, Coric. the fans have to look forward to, “says seven-time Wimbledon champion.

And what is the program Roger Federer for 2017? “I’ll go to the Hopman Cup, Australian Open, Dubai, Indian Wells and Miami. Regarding the clay part of the season, I have no clear idea yet. On the grass I wanted to play in Stuttgart, Halle and Wimbledon, but we’ll see what he says my body. I would play 52 tournaments a year, but it is obviously not possible. I need to stay in the country, “concludes the Swiss.

Federer draws inspiration from the other sports icons such as Jaromir Jagr, Gianluigi Buffon and Serena Williams. “It’s great to see how these celebrities still prove its quality. Buffon example Juventus and the national team. Twenty years and more are moving in elite sport and still are great. They are my great idol that I can still continue to top level, “concludes icon.

Flo goes to Slavia! The Club of Eden has another boost, this time from Norway

Two reinforcements are not enough, we want more. Soccer Slavia changes in the insatiable beast, and on Wednesday unveiled already the third new players during the winter break. In Eden will operate defender with experience from the Norwegian team-Per Egil Flo, who previously played for Molde. It is up for grabs for free because his Norwegian club to the end of their contract expires. Slavia contract signed before 30 June 2019th

“We are pleased that we Per-Egil welcome in our team. During the autumn season, we systematically left defender skautovali, we walked to our league and abroad. We watched players who already headed to the Czech league. We decided to FLOA and we believe that we have chosen the highest quality, “said the official website of the club Slavia CEO Martin Krob arrival of Norwegian quarterback.

The family is extremely Floových football. Immediately seven of its members enrolled in the Norwegian top division, the most famous of them, Tore Andre Flo made it to Chelsea. His distant nephew Per-Egil Flo on Wednesday signed Slavia and help her in the hunt for the title.

“The players have a number of interested clubs from all over Europe, so we are delighted that he will eventually operate in Eden. We wish to thank as the Norwegian club and agent Pavel Zika, which we helped with the arrival of players, “said Krob.

“I am extremely happy that I signed a contract with Slavia. I believe that we will be successful as a team. Slavia is a great club with a great history and even though I had other offers, I chose Slavia. I believe it will be a good combination, “he said after signing Per-Egil Flo.

Flo started with football in Stryn, where he was born, he passed in 2006 to Sogndal and in 2013 headed to Molde. In 2014, celebrated with the Norwegian club title (in Norway playing season from March to November), his contribution was not insignificant, after all, seven assists belonged to the elite ten recorders competition. That autumn peered into the Norwegian national team, most recently for her started in November 2014. In the recent past edition of the Norwegian league played 21 games, scored two goals and recorded four.

Straka train goes to Egypt. Welcome Franz, cheers club on the Internet

The coach Frantisek Straka is back in the game! Soccer petrel found engagement in faraway Egypt, according to information from the server lead the club Ismaily FC. The club, which lies about 120 kilometers east of Cairo, has already signed a contract and on Friday he will premiere right on the bench.

Straka, who in his career has led, for example, Sparta Prague and Slavia, as well as the national team, the club has managed to greet them. On twittering account adorn the face of the Czech coach blue and yellow colors of the club and welcome in English. The text of the coach has been welcomed by addressing Franz Straka as a nickname.

Czech coach is known as a great motivator who could revive a flagging team started well with the help of special methods, which need players to invite tartar and trying to rouse them. Now this is probably the club Ismaily FC needs because behind table leader lags 21 points. For preparation will have enough time. According after Friday’s match awaits the Egyptian league and a half month-long pause.

The club Ismaily SC was founded in 1924 in the Egyptian city of Ismailia called Nahda Sporting Club. Dvaadevadesátileté in its history managed to win three times in Egyptian highest competition, most recently in 2002, and twice won the local cup. In 1969 he won the African Champions League finals in this competition got even thirteen years ago. Players Club is nicknamed dervishes.

Straka been based on information available on the club website he saw his new charges in action and relishes their speed and technical skills. Keeping allegedly promised the help of special training methods and team performance still raises.

Straka has in the past attempted to break even on television reality show Yes, Coach, but there has not been successful. He functioned as an expert in the studio during the matches of the Champions League.

I would like to put some goals and get Slavia trophies wishes Norwegian reinforcements

Move in your career, get some trophies and play European cups. With these plans come to Slavia defender with experience from the Norwegian team-Per Egil Flo. Club from Eden signed until the summer of 2019. “Champions League’ve never played before, it would be a nice start. Play European Cups, it has to entertain everyone and I would like to repeat it, “said former player for Molde Slavia TV.

Interest in the defensive player had a number of clubs, Flo then revealed why it was Slavia’s leader. “The negotiations were long and now I’m glad that we have signed a contract and I’m a part of this club, which is Slavia. Like I felt I could throw her. I am looking forward to meet new teammates and start preparing for the second part of the competition, “said the footballer, whose uncle is Tore André Flo, who went to Chelsea.

Engagement in Slavia Flo takes a shift in career and believes that it was a good choice. “I want to develop further, play as well as I can and help the team to win and reached some trophies,” said the Norwegian. He also looks forward to play at the stadium in Eden. “It’s a fantastic stadium. I heard that quite a few people go, so I was curious about that atmosphere. ”

While Flo revealed what fans can look forward to in his presentation. “I’m trying to run a lot, play up-down plus add precision passing. I hope i will add some goalscoring assistance and of course score goals, “he added optimistically.